WHMIS 2015 Training

Now Available and Now Required

Ensure Workers are Knowledgeable on WHMIS

This is the bottom line goal when you are managing your WHMIS program for other workers. This can be quite a challenge as you get a number of workers who need WHMIS, and as you have turnover with people leaving and new employees being hired.

This is where an online WHMIS company account included in the SafeAndCertified.com Company system is a valuable tool for the person managing the WHMIS program.

The three main challenges are:

  1. initial training and WHMIS re-training when needed
  2. having a record of each person's completion with documentation like test records and a certificate of completion
  3. being able to monitor when people need to be retrained

These ability to handle these challenges is what makes a the Admin module of othe online training system such a time saver for people who need to manage their WHMIS program.

When you have more than yourself to look after for WHMIS training, ask about how a free Company Account can benefit you and your business.