WHMIS 2015 Training

Now Available and Now Required

Looking for a way to Manage Your WHMIS?

Get a Company Account plus you get volume WHMIS rates.


A Company Account includes an Admin login.  This gives you access to a powerful WHMIS management system.  You can see in seconds which of your employees have completed their training.  All training records are stored in your account giving you access to see test results and copies of each employee's WHMIS certificate.

As you hire new workers you can add each one to your account and ensure they get the training they need.  In a few clicks the WHMIS system can email the new worker a login to view the training materials and complete the testing.  It makes your job managing your WHMIS as easy as adding your employees and monitoring their progress.  An email will alert you each time one of your employees completes their WHMIS testing.

Being a WHMIS Manager doesn't have to mean a lot of hustles trying to schedule training and chasing people down to get it done.

Give it a try - train some of your new hires - you will see how easy it is for you to be in control of your WHMIS training program - click here for a free account setup option or if you prefer, we'll do the setup for you!