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Most of the people on this site have come looking for "WHMIS 2015 training". We developed this site for people who manage WHMIS, WHMIS trainers, and for people who need to take WHMIS, trainees and individuals

There is a page of info on the new WHMIS 2015 regulations which include the requirements for employers to provide training in the new WHMIS 2015 for their employees. For those of you that are individuals looking for work, or were told by your employer to take a WHMIS course, or you may be self-employed there is information about how WHMIS applies to you.

When you do need to get the new 2015 training for your employees or for yourself there are links to self-serve registration pages. SafeAndCertified.com is a leader in the development of online WHMIS courses and systems for people who manage their WHMIS training program. We have over 180,000 people served and business of all types and sizes. We offer affordable basic WHMIS awareness training all the way up to large custom WHMIS training solutions.

When you are ready, feel free to use one of the self-serve options. You can have a “Company” or “Personal Training Account” setup instantly and be training within minutes. If you need a quick solution we have seen companies sign up on their own, add a number of employees and have all their training completed by Monday morning.

Our Service and Support team is very knowledgeable on WHMIS and creating a solution that meets each client's needs.


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